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Stanley Crawford is the author of "Gascoyne," "Petroleum Man," "Log of the S.S. The Mrs Unguentine," "A Garlic Testament: Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm," "Mayordomo: Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico," "The River in Winter," and "Some Instructions to My Wife Concerning the Upkeep of the House and Marriage and to my Son and Daughter Concerning the Conduct of their Childhood."  All books can and should be purchased directly from the author.  Find the paypal button to your right or send a personal check or money order made out to "El Bosque Garlic farm."  Please mail payment + $3 additional postage per book to: El Bosque Garlic farm, P.O. Box 56, Dixon, NM 87527.  Thanks. 



"Architectural dreamwork, end-time seascapes so barren they seem cut out from the pages of the Bible, coolly rendered Rube Goldberg apparati, and the crushing sadness that results when you tie your emotional fortunes to a man whose tongue is so fat in his mouth he can barely speak... [A] little masterpiece of a novel." - Ben Marcus 


"A mad fantasia of the Freeway Age which happens in a kind of Southern-California-cubed and begins (at least) as a mystery...Wonderful (I admire a man who can conceive a murder suspect who goes around disguised as a giant tree sloth)." - Anthony Boucher, The New York Times Book Review

"Gascoyne is classic slapstick.  Wild." - San Francisco Chronicle


"Stanley Crawford's satire on Victorian marriage manuals cheerfully lampoons male domination fantasies...Crawford negotiates the literary tightrope he has strung up faultlessly, providing a piercing and comical dissection of the modern institution of marriage." - Newsday 


"Petroleum Man cuts close to the bone in our consumption-driven times: all readers will find something to take offense at in this well-constructed novel.  It is a pleasure to discover that Crawford writes as well from the caves of his own creation as he does when synthesizing the workings of the land in his essays.  The book is a hoot, and an elegantly crafted, literate one at that." - Pete Warzel, Southwest Book Views

"It is delicious and refreshing to see in print what no PC-savvy conservative or liberal would ever admit to contemplating, much less publicly uttering, at any given time.  Crawford's reduction of both liberal and conservative agendas shines a glaring spotlight on the violence we do to each other whenever we pin another's wings on the dead cloth of dogmatism." Virginia L. Clark, The Taos News.



"As a former New Mexican and descendant of a long line of Appalachian hillbilly-peasants, I found [Mayordomo] to be a direct and vivid evocation of the kind of life I was born into: wresting something to eat from dirt, rock, brush, wind, water." - Edward Abbey

"Walking the irrigation ditch with writer Stanley Crawford is a great pleasure.  This is an evocative and absorbing account of an old and persistent way of life." - Annie Dillard


"Rich with respect for human toil...detailing the healing and annealing aspect of the repetitive tasks that bring his crop to market in clear-sighted, eloquent prose." - Maxine Kumin, The New York Times Book Review

"Superb, quiet...a plainspoken wisdom." - Verlyn Klinkenborg, The New Yorker


"The River in Winter presents Crawford's musings and observations in a series of concise essays.... Topics range from the poetic to the political but, with the easy grace of a skilled writer, Crawford makes the hard work of writing look effortless.  He manages to take the most complex topics--water rights, for example, or the growth of global agriculture--and present them understandably and with relevance to the reader.  Subjects that could seem trivial at first glance, such as ornamental gourds, geese, or old apple crates, take on a patina of poetry in Crawford's skillful hands.  His loving attention to detail comes from careful observation."
- Anne Hillerman, The Albuquerque Journal.